Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Talk radio

For some reason I felt compelled to call a local phone-in show today and give my two cents about the writers' strike in the US and how it changed one's TV viewing habit. I'm always shocked at the sound of my voice when I hear it, in my head it's not nearly as deep as it is in actuality. Since I tend to forget what I have to say when I'm put on the spot, I actually wrote my points down and I'm quite happy that I managed to get them out without messing up too much. I'm also happy that I didn't talk too fast, something I know that I tend to do, I have to retape my voicemail messages a million times because of that. Anyway, if you want to hear what I sound like, you can go here, scroll down to Tuesday, Feb 12 and click on Part two, be quick, the link is only good for a week. I come in at around 6 minutes. You'll notice how I didn't mention knitting...

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Blogger Nik said...

your voice totally matches your picture. if that makes sense at all. *lol*

You know, I'm always surprised to hear my recorded voice too.

9:24 PM  
Blogger NikkiJ said...

Your voice doesn't sound deep at all. I couldn't listen to the whole thing cause I'm at work. I love the Battle Star Galactica and Hero DVDs, I've "binged" a few times I must admit, but you have got to tune into Sarah Conner's Chronicles. It's soooo good. My favorite line from the show...

"I call shotgun.", "I call 9 millimeter."

This explains it all.

6:47 PM  
Blogger Using-her-gift said...

I was surprised by your voice, not in a bad way. Somehow, I thought you were an anglophone that also spoke french. BTW, I am in Mtl too.

8:49 PM  

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