Friday, February 03, 2006

Quel Cliché!/What a cliché...

If you’re bilingual, you’ll figure that the French title refers to the picture below (cliché means picture believe it or not). Anyway here’s the picture of Mona’s embossed leaf socks. The title also refers to the fact that most sock pictures that are published on blogs look like the one here. Why change a winning formula? Well I love them. Mona did another pair in Regia’s Canadian color in Montreal (think maple leafs in late September, early October). It was gorgeous.

Voici des photos des chaussettes créées par Mona. Si vous naviguez d’autres blogues vous remarquerez que la plupart des photos de chaussettes se ressemblent toutes alors pourquoi changer une formule efficace? De toutes façons, j’adore ces chaussettes. J’ai vu Mona en tricoter une autre paire dans une laine aux couleurs automnales, superbes.


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