Saturday, December 06, 2008


Once in a while, Canadian politics gets interesting to the point of setting passions on fire, though usually my home province of Quebec is involved. Right now, we are getting a crash course on constitutional law, a new word, prorogation, has entered our vocabulary and we have a minority government* fighting for it's life, which is usually the case with them but it never gets this bad. I'll let Rachel Maddow explain the latest chapter.

*Meaning that the governing party does not have enough members of parliament to vote in it's bills and budgets so it has to rely on the goodwill of the opposition parties to vote along and allow the bills to pass. Otherwise the governing party is said to have lost the House's confidence and elections are called. There are more technicalities to this but this is not a political blog and it would take too much 'splaining.

Via Fagstein.

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